Thursday, May 7, 2009

Racism rife as Irish twice as likely to be given job

RACISM is rife in Irish companies, with a majority of firms twice as likely to give an Irish person an interview than a foreign national with precisely the same qualifications.

A study found discrimination is so widespread it would be "a one in a million chance" that the preference for Irish-only job seekers is an accident.

Researchers sent 240 pairs of similar but fictitious CVs bearing Irish, African, Asian and German names to companies and found the Irish applicants were twice as likely to be contacted for interview.

In some cases, Irish applicants were told the position had been filled but were offered interviews for other posts while African candidates did not get a response of any kind.

After an Irish and Asian candidate applied for an admin job, the Irish person got a call over her CV while the Asian candidate got an email saying: "I regret to inform you the position is now filled."

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The Reviewer said...

Now if only there were jobs to give the Irish unemployed.