Wednesday, February 4, 2009

European Parliament puts Libertas funding on hold

An application from Libertas for funding as a political party at the European level has been put on hold.

The European Parliament is authorised to grant funding to parties which satisfy rigorous requirements to show their European qualifications.

An Estonian MP listed as backing Libertas's application now insists that he had not signed any document.

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The Reviewer said...

[QUOTE]This would have to be investigated by the parliament bureau which initially gave its approval. Until then all the procedures concerning the process had been "put on hold", she said.

But yesterday an angry Libertas published photos of documents signed by Estonian Igor Grazin supporting the application of Libertas for EU Parliamentary recognition.

Mr Ganley accused the Liberal group in the parliament of "bullying and dishonesty".

A Libertas spokesman said the group was not concerned at the row, and described the development as "just a bit of political game-playing" by the Liberals in the parliament.

The Estonian politician had signed the document supporting Libertas in the presence of Declan Ganley and two or three others, he said.[QUOTE]