Thursday, October 9, 2008

Tempers flare at first Lisbon 'think-in'

THE NEW Oireachtas sub- committee on Lisbon was set up in a bid to reconcile the 'Yes' and 'No' sides following the fallout from the referendum.

But instead it began with yet another row as it attempted to get down to business yesterday.

The cross-party committee is due to meet 24 times over the next eight weeks in a frantic effort to establish 'Ireland's future in Europe' before Taoiseach Brian Cowen travels to Brussels for a crucial EU summit in December. At its opening session yesterday, Senator Pascal Donohoe pleaded with members to "look to the future" and not "bore" people with the same old arguments about the treaty.

But he was then attacked by the sole Sinn Fein member, Senator Pearse Doherty, who
complained that the committee could be used to make the case for a second referendum on the Lisbon Treaty.

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