Monday, September 22, 2008

Plan to regularise status of migrant workers

THE GOVERNMENT is to set up a programme to regularise the status of undocumented migrant workers in Ireland who previously held work permits.

Senior officials told unions and employers at social partnership talks last week that the scheme will be aimed at foreign national workers who have become undocumented through "no fault of their own".

The move appears to be a significant U-turn by the Government, which previously signalled that any such move could provide an incentive for illegal immigration.

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Anonymous said...

Regularise? Is that a evasive euphemism for, 'make legal what is currently illegal'?
That is unfair!; to those who have obeyed our laws, and now receive no gratitude from us.
This policy damages our credibility as a country, and undermines the rule of law, within our country, and sets up an expectation we will have some difficulty to reverse.

'Through no fault of their own'. What does that perfect nonsense mean? Whose fault? Name names. Is this the fault of greedy and bad employers? Then, let's have a windfall tax upon them; the only people to have gained from this mismanagement.
There should be protests in the streets.