Friday, September 19, 2008

Libertas will have to 'come clean' over campaign funds

THE Government is planning a clampdown on organisations such as Declan Ganley's Libertas to force them to say where they get the money they spend on political campaigns.

After months of speculation about the source of Libertas' funding for its estimated spend of over €1m on the 'No to Lisbon' campaign, Mr Ganley admitted for the first time yesterday that he lent his organisation €200,000.

Meanwhile, the Government's attacks on Mr Ganley intensified yesterday when a minister branded the wealthy Libertas chief a "class-A hypocrite".

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The Reviewer said...

Libertas have proven that with enough financial backing a lobby group can make a difference.

The Mainstream political parties fear Declan Ganley, they fear they will lose the monopoly they have, they fear people rocking the boat.