Monday, September 8, 2008

Govt to receive Lisbon vote research

The Government is due to get the final version of research, which was carried out to assess why people voted no to the Lisbon Treaty, next week.

But the Minister for Foreign Affairs has said it is already clear that the fear of conscription into a European army was a much bigger issue than previously thought.

He also said the Government has been asked by a number of US companies if the vote meant Ireland might leave the EU, and whether they should continue to invest here.


The Reviewer said...

Scaremongering tactics by our pro EU government.

"Oh no ! the Americans will leave if we don't vote yes next time."

I don't for one second believe this but if it's true, so what ! they only employ immigrants anyway.

Anonymous said...

It is possible that foreign business lobbyists have had too much of the ear of the Government!Should a democratic Government really be getting a lot of it's advice from that quarter?.
This is a crisis for Irish democracy because it is clear that the Government and the four largest parties in the Dail do not represent the people on this issue.
Opinion polls are a pretty desperate remedy when you've lost touch with 'the plain people of Ireland'.

The Reviewer said...

It's proof positive that there is no plan B, the Lisbon treaty will be pushed through in some shape or form no matter how we vote.

The country is in an economic recession, and the threat of foreign business pulling out is designed to scare the Irish people into towing the EU line.