Thursday, August 21, 2008

Ireland to take in Tanzanian refugees

Refugees from Tanzania are to be resettled in Ireland under a UN program, it emerged today.

Minister for Integration Conor Lenihan and officials are to travel to the West African country next month to finalise details.

The Tanzania refugees, who are expected to arrive in Ireland in coming months, will be resettled in a town selected by the Office of Integration after detailed local consultation.

The families will then take part in an orientation programme to help them to adjust to Irish life.

Children will be given basic English and mathematics courses while the adults will learn practical tasks such as cooking, household budgeting and applying for a driving licence or a library card.


Anonymous said...

It's absurd to argue these people have 'nowhere to go'-their country is thirteen times the size of the Republic.
Here's how clueless the government is; Tanzania is not in west Africa.
Irish Aid pledged 40 million euro to Tanzania last year. Our government lacks the gumption to say,'We gave'.

The Reviewer said...

I'm sure the UN could find somewhere more culturally suitable for them than Ireland.