Sunday, July 6, 2008

Roma gypsy thieves in Ireland

GARDAI say a gang of Roma gypsy pickpockets, some as young as 12, who have been targeting tourists and shoppers in Dublin city centre over the past month, are believed to have left the country heading for new hunting grounds in Glasgow and Edinburgh. They are expecting new gangs to take their place here as the gangs are organised on a Europe-wide basis and co-ordinate their operations.

Gardai are angry that even though gang members were arrested and repeatedly brought to court, they were all released immediately on bail -- and went straight back to robbing women of purses and stealing money from ATMs in "distraction" scams.

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Anonymous said...

Just send them home! there only costing us money in this resession, supporting them through there chosen unemployment and then we have to stand for them robbing us to! Theres gonna come a day when the Irish just say "we`ve had enough" and aggressivley turn on the romanions. if recent outbursts hasn`t been enough!