Sunday, July 20, 2008

New chain of brothels hits the suburbs

YOUNG Chinese women working in "massage" parlours which are advertised in the Irish Times were last week offering "hand jobs" for €60.

The establishments, styling themselves "massage centres", have sprung up across Dublin and its suburbs this year.

Gardai said they appear to be centrally organised, as all offer precisely the same services and quote the same prices.

All advertise with mobile phone numbers in the "massage and physical therapy" section of the small ads pages at the back of the Irish Times.

Of the eight operations advertising in a recent edition of the Irish Times, seven offered a "half hour" at exactly the same rate of €60 when contacted by phone. One young woman who answered our call volunteered that "hand job" was on offer for €60. Three others, when asked if more than massage was on offer replied: "Hand job."

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