Monday, June 2, 2008

Muslim anger at Opposition calls for school ban on hijab

MUSLIM girls should not be allowed to wear a headscarf in public schools, the two main opposition parties said last night.

Labour's Ruairi Quinn said immigrants who come to Ireland need to conform to the culture of this country.

"If people want to come into a western society that is Christian and secular, they need to conform to the rules and regulations of that country," the Labour spokesman on education and science told the Irish Independent.

His comments come amid mounting controversy over guidelines on the wearing of the hijab, commonly worn by Muslim girl in state schools.

His stance on the issue was backed by his Fine Gael counterpart Brian Hayes, who says it makes "absolute sense" that there is one uniform for everyone.

The Fine Gael education spokesman said the wearing of the hijab was not a fundamental requirement to be a Muslim, but more an example of modesty and cultural mores.

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