Tuesday, May 6, 2008

NI Population split over influx of migrant workers

Last year statistics revealed Northern Ireland had seen a record level of immigration in 2005 and 2006 with The Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency recording large numbers travelling here from Poland and Lithuania.
About 9,000 migrants into Northern Ireland came from outside the UK. Immigration outstripped natural population growth for the first time. Some homes of migrant workers have been attacked in incidents labelled hate crime by the PSNI.
Tyrone and Fermanagh, where some of the largest numbers of migrants have settled, registered the strongest opinions both for and against immigration. Forty-five per cent in that area said immigration was a good thing, with more than a third (36%) disagreeing.
DUP supporters were more likely to be concerned about immigration than supporters of any other party. Forty-three per cent of DUP supporters did not agree that immigration is generally good for Northern Ireland, with 30% agreeing.
Among all other parties, supporters were more likely to agree with that statement than disagree.
Catholics were more likely to be receptive to immigration than Protestants.
Forty-six per cent agreed immigration is good for Northern Ireland, with 27% disagreeing.
Among Protestants, opinion is split, with 37% disagreeing and 35% agreeing with the statement that immigration is generally good.


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